Hydromechanical Equipments

Hydromechanical equipment in our production portfolio is as follows.

  • Penstock Manufacturing
  • Radial Gates Manufacturing
  • Sliding Gates Manufacturing
  • Trash Rack Manufacturing
  • Turbine Equipment (Draft Tube, Battery Liner Casing)
  • Cover Lifting Systems

Thermal Power Plants

Our company, which has proven its experience in thermal power plants by fulfilling all the projects it has undertaken over the years, has established sound and reliable references for possible future projects.

  • Colling water lines
  • Pumping station
  • Gas ducts
  • Conveyor galleries
  • Electro filter lines
  • Technological structures
  • Conveyor systems
  • Steel construction works

Are some of the areas that our company specialized in thermal power plants.

Trash Rack Cleaning Machine

Creative equipment that provides a practical solution for hydro power plant grate cleaning…

Hydraulic Grate Cleaning Machine is a patented product developed in cooperation with POLYAR MAKİNA and ASD GROUP which is specially designed for the cleaning of all kinds of materials accumulated in grates in HPP and Dam projects.

It is possible to remove all nature and human wastes (shrubs, leaves, wood, plastic waste, dead animals, etc.) in the 60 degree movement area of the materials accumulated on the surface of the grate by the hydraulic movements of the hydraulic grate cleaning machine in horizontal and vertical plane.

These machines are capable of collecting and grabbing movements thanks to their interchangeable heads. In addition, unloading of unwanted materials out of the field can be easily done with these machines.

Rope type Grate Cleaning Machine makes cleaning with the rope system moving in the vertical plane on the grill surface without the hydraulic intervention.

Within the scope of our patents, we provide Model Design, Mechanism Design, Production Design, Manufacturing Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance and Spare Parts services appropriate for the need and project.

Metal Machining

Our company which has more than 30 years of experience in the machining industry has high precision manufacturing in its Universal and Cnc machining centers.

Turnkey Machinery and Technological Equipment Manufacturing

We continue to be solution partner of our customers together with our experienced and dynamic engineering team specialized in their fields.

We offer our special design system or machines, developed to meet project and system requirements or to increase productivity, to the servise of our customers.

Our strong engineering infrastructure consisting of engineering and design team, mechanical manufacturings, motion, techology, hydraulic and automation systems departments, which are within our structure, is the key factor in producing one-stop solition.

Structural Steel Manufacturing

We have been producing key solution project in industrial steel construction sector with EN 1090 and ISO 3834 certificates that we have gotten by providing project, production and installation services of.

Valve Manufacturing

Our company, has the capacity to produce welded body, hydraulic powered valves up to 4000 mm diameter within the scope of Hydroelectric and Thermal Power Plant projects.

The valves we produce;

  • Butterfly Valve
  • Sliding Valve
  • Conical Valve


Müşterimizin istek ve kullanım alanine göre Tek Kiriş veya Çift Kiriş olarak projelendirdiğimiz 80 Ton kapasiteye kadar Gezer Köprü ve Portal Vinç imal etmekteyiz.

Contracting of maintenance and repair jobs

Our company does the maintenance, repair and renovation works of the big companies within the scope of the works listed below and becomes a solution partner.

To give an example in this context, our company is affiliated to Tekfen Toros Tarım Tic. And A.Ş. for more than 10 years as the main contractor of Mechanical Maintenance Manufacturing and Assembly works. Some of the works are summarized below.

  • Welding maintenance jobs
  • Steel structure maintenance, repair and manufacturing jobs
  • Mixer maintenance jobs
  • Bucket elevator maintenance jobs
  • Bucket elevator band preparation and change maintenance jobs
  • Screw conveyor maintenance jobs
  • Compressor maintenance jobs
  • Fan and blower maintenance jobs
  • Vibrator feeder , Strainer maintanence jobs
  • Pipe, fittings and piping maintenance jobs
  • Heat exchanger and evaporator maintenance jobs
  • Valve and plumbing maintenance jobs
  • Valve and check valve maintenance
  • Safety valve maintenance
  • Pump maintenance jobs
  • Reducer and gearbox maintenance jobs
  • Strap and pulley maintenance jobs
  • Sprocket maintenance jobs
  • Shaft maintenance jobs
  • Menhole maintenance jobs
  • Hopper maintenance jobs
  • Ship unloading cranes maintenance jobs
  • Cyclone maintenance jobs
  • Steam boiler testing and maintenance jobs
  • Rubber coating of drums jobs
  • Bag filling weigher mechanical maintenance jobs
  • Truck scales mechanical maintenance jobs
  • Pipe reactor jobs
  • Dust collector system, washing system nozzles and collector jobs
  • Maintenance of rotary drum
  • Breaker and mill maintenance jobs
  • Filtration tray maintenance jobs
  • Greasing maintenance jobs
  • Maintenance personnel support jobs

Defense Industry

Our company has proved itself with its intensive studies in this scope, has been entitled to receive MSB Approved Supplier Certificate by successfully leaving all inspection and audit processes.

Nükleer Santral

Deneyimli kadrosuyla Enerji sektörüne hizmet vererek, yıllardır süre gelen tecrübesi ile kalite anlayışını kanıtlamış olan firmamız, Nükleer Santral projelerinde de güvenilir ve istikrarlı yapısından taviz vermeden kalıcı hizmetler vermeye hazırdır.

Hydraulic and Automation Systems

Hydraulic Systems

Project designing, manufacturing, field installation and commissioning services of turnkey hydraulic systems are provided by our company from one source to be used in energy, iron-steel, cement, special machinery and system manufacturing.

With our experienced engineering staff, the quality control and function tests of our products designed with three-dimensional solid modeling programs are completed within our structure and delivered to our customers.

Products and Services
  • Hydraulic power units
  • Hydraulic cylinder manufacturing
  • Hydraulic block manufacturing
  • Hydraulic valve stands
  • Hydraulic line installations
  • Chemical line cleaning (pickling / flushing)
  • Installation of pneumatic sample transfer lines

Automation Systems

We provide turnkey solutions in the fields of industrial electronics, automation and process control, from project design to field installation and commissioning.

After examining the project or system needs and performing the engineering work covering the necessary solutions, we become a solution partner to our customers with our manufactured systems.

Products and Services
  • Automation panels
  • Power panels
  • Scada software
  • PLC programming
  • Field installation and commissioning

Pressure Vessel And Storge Tanks

The newly established facility and engineering department within our company renders design, producton and field installation services.

Sandblasting Painting

We support your projects with our Professional sandblasting-painting facility established on a 450 m2 closed area with dust collection unit, paint suction unit, dehumidification unit and air conditioning feature in Adana.